Sunday, April 29, 2007


I have been working on creating a website for a couple of weeks now. I started by creating a domain name and signing up with Yahoo web hosting. Originally I was going to create my pages from scratch, using just the XHTML and CSS coding in a text editor (I have been using Notepad), but then decided that getting a finished product would take a really long time (and would probably be kind of primitive, at least in the beginning), so I shopped around for a template to use. Can't quite remeber how I found it, but I decided to use one called "Softened Cells" from . My task then changed to adding content and figuring out how the template worked (extensive CSS file- still trying to configure it). Also having to hack the HTML to do some things not covered, so, although the site is still in a very developmental state, I have learned alot. My site (keep in mind it is still evolving) is

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