Saturday, June 23, 2007

Creating a Wiki

How easy was that? PBWiki is a great site- I really like their instructional videos and setting up a wiki is dead simple. Here's mine: Wikilib. I plan to explore the use of wikis as educational tools, so I will be playing with the plugins and the templates, watching the tutorials and messing about to see how stuff works. I already added the "YackPack" which allows those logged into the wiki to talk to each other- for classroom collaboration, that would be great.


Anonymous said...

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Librarian in Black said...

I'm glad you didn't find pbwiki too difficult! Also, if you look to the previous comment here, you'll see that you've been the victim of the dreaded "comment spam." I get dozens of these a day, people pitching their products, usually through robot-driven comments. They usually start with a nice compliment (non-specific, always) and then pitch some kind of site or product. One of the problems with open comments :)