Monday, June 4, 2007

Google Reader

Not that I need another feed aggregator...I already have Bloglines (too hard to get to), my Yahoo homepage (comes with the SBC DSL line service, and is quite visible and accessible, being on my homepage, but also limited because you just don't want to see all that stuff when you first log in), but somehow, while I was trying to add an rss feed to my blog, I came upon the Google Reader aggregator-very nice, easy to use- great feature of bundling selected blogs into categories (like the "geek" bundle, the "news" bundle, etc. offering the "top"?? 5 or 6 sites in the category (how do you get on the list?)

It seems a bit buggy (the perpetual beta effect maybe) in that the settings page never fully loaded (giving me an error on page message), but true to Google's spirit, it is really simple to use.

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