Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Adobe CS3, Slideshare and Audacity

Buying the student version of Adobe CS3 for my Dreamweaver class was probably the best investment I have made recently. CS3 contains the latest versions of Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash and more. I spent today getting familiar with some of Photoshop's features, watching the training videos provided with the software. Also. did some exploring in Flash, which has this cool thing called Zoomify. This lets viewers zoom in on your photo, much like Google maps- and it is amazingly simple to create.

Other explorations today led me to Slideshare, an online site that lets you upload powerpoint slides and add audio to the slideshow. The CEO has a nice slideshow explaining Flash and AJAX and their uses in the web world in general and in this producct in particular. Also, they have a link to a training video on how to use Audacity, which has eluded my infrequent and half-hearted attempts to grasp. Armed with this, I feel up to trying it out again to create podcasts.

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