Monday, May 14, 2007

23 Things: 5 Things to Date: #1,2,3,11,12

This reminds me a bit of getting Girl Scout badges- I enjoyed that too!
Anyway, for the record, these are the Things I have done so far:

1. Read the entry, the FAQs, and listened to Helene Blowers' presentation. I am also enrolled for the "Developing a successful eBranch" online 4-week workshop as well as "Developing a library Technology Plan".

2. Set up my own blog- here it is!

3. Registered said blog with InfoPeople.

11. I have been using Library Thing for quite a while- I have a link on my website ( that is a widget from Library Thing that sends random picks from your library- it's cute but a little buggy-acting. I have not catalogued many books, but will play around with adding more. It is a great tool- very simple to use, which I guess is a key feature of all these Web 2.0 things.

12. I have had a account for quite some time, and actually had to renew my "membership". I guess since Yahoo bought them they have changed some things. I was extremely pleased to find that I could import my IE Favorites list automatically- it assigned tags based on the folder names. Very simple. I now have 569 items, and have come to appreciate the efficiency of tracking things this way.

So, 5 down, and 18 to go. Onward to YouTube!

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