Sunday, May 27, 2007

Search engine tips

I just joined a LibraryThing group (Librarians Who LibraryThing) and in browsing the discussions, came upon a link to a member's blog, in particular a posting on the blog about Google search tips and other search engine advice.
As the member explained in the posting, "At my library, we have a blog of search advice specifically related to Google for the students (the idea being, if you can't beat 'em, at least show 'em how to do it well)."
The posting also discusses a well known, but surprisingly infrequently used option: the "I'm feeling Lucky" button.
from the blog: "I’m Feeling Lucky takes you straight to the first (most “popular”) website of what would have shown up at the top of your results list if you had done a regular search. If what you are looking for is a specific site that it is well-known or the top site for a particular topic, then you will probably be in luck. We all appreciate one less click, right? If you are doing an I-want-it-all search on a topic, it’s obviously not the route to travel."

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