Saturday, May 12, 2007

InfoPeople's 23 things

I registered my blog with InfoPeople's 23 things challenge and have already learned some new things from the other participants.

Looking through the participants' blogs on the InfoPeople's "Our 23 Web 2.0 Things Challenge" blog, I took a look at Stephanie's blog and followed a link to another of her blogs, where I saw that she had this cool Meebo widget for live chat. I went to the Meebo page and it was very simple (3 steps) to create a widget, then copy it. Then, back at Blogger,went to "Add a Page Element: Choose a New Page Element", selected "HTML/Javascript" (Add third party functionality) and paste the script into the add feature. Then I was prompted to preview and place it, hit save, and there it was. Will now log into Meebo and see how the chat functions.
Thanks, Stephanie!

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