Wednesday, May 2, 2007

lots of help

Many wonderful resources-
HTMLSource: HTML Tutorials is an informative and well-organized site with lots of good information on web design (it's amusing as well)
Later, looking through the ALA Direct newsletter, I found several interesting resources and articles. Good article on search engines: Search Engine Shootout. PC World tested Google against some other search engines and concluded it was the best. One of the commentors on the article mentioned a search engine toolbar that looks interesting. "Absolute Toolbar is "an all in one toolbar that has a new powerful multi line tabbed search bar in addition to the version 1.5. It allows you to have search functionalities of hundreds of toolbars organized in a multi level tabs."
Although it looks pretty cool, I am somewhat leary of downloads after fatally crashing my computer yesterday, following the download of a Second Life upgrade and the Yahoo widgets (their answer to Google gadgets). The widgets were messy looking and crowded my already crowded desktop, so I quickly removed it. I prefer the Google gadgets which are simpler to review.

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