Thursday, May 31, 2007

Flickr mashups: Thing #5

I have spent some time (way too much time) fooling around with Flickr mashups.
Here's a cute one, called FlickIt which generates thumbnail images based on a word. In this example, I set the image size to 85 and the query (or subject) to "book":

Images from FlickIt!

FlickIt "is the simple yet extremely useful web service for dynamically generating thumbnails of anything."

The images are somewhat random and change with each screen refresh, lending a certain air of unpredictability but a nice feeling of dynamic content.

Another fun mashup is depictr which combines photos from FlickR with song lyrics.


j-seagal said...

I'm enjoying reading your 23 things blog.

Thanks for the link to Flickit. I can't see much of a real use of it right now, but got a big kick when I typed in a thing and one of my photos from Flickr appeared.

bonnie said...

Thanks- I also am enjoying reading other blogs, and am learning alot-for instance, that Flickr badge over there, and the Meebo chat widget. Your comment has reminded me to leave comments- really, that's a big part of the fun.